Frequently asked Summer Beer Thing Questions.

What beers are on and when? 

Our comprehensive running order list will be announced closer to the event. There will be signs up on the site and online with this info as well as beer boards behind the bar showing what’s on at that moment. Save these pics to your phone to have them readily available in your pocket.

What happens when I arrive?

You’ll show your advance ticket on your mobile device or print out at the entrance and be given a Summer Beer Thing glass and wrist band. If you haven't got an advance ticket, fear not! There will be tickets available on the door - these will be limited during bust periods.

What’s the deal with beer tokens?

Beers at Summer Beer Thing will be served in 1/3 pint measures. Our preferred measure for tasting beers at festivals. Every beer at Summer Beer Thing will be one token price. One token = one third. Of anything.

The price of one beer is based upon the average cost of beer across the festival. Once we pick our beers we can price our tokens.

Tokens will be available for purchase on arrival at Summer Beer Thing. We accept cash or card. To speed up the process we suggest cash but card machines will be available. 

Will tickets be available on the door?

Yes, there will be walk up tickets on the door at each session. 

Can I leave once I’m in? 

Why would you want to go anywhere else? Given these are long 11 hour sessions (on the Friday and Saturday, 12pm-8pm on the Sunday) we anticipate that you may need to duck out. You will be given a wristband on arrival and you can come and go as you please at your session.

What if I don’t like beer?

You’ve come to the right place! No really. The Pilcrow will be carrying its usual range of excellent cider, wine, spirits, hot and soft drinks and this year we’re working with Bring&Mix to bring you a unique cocktail bar where we’ll be creating bespoke cocktails.

Do I need a wristband to get into the Pilcrow during Summer Beer Thing? 

You ask all the right questions don’t you! No. The Pilcrow will be open to the public as normal throughout Summer Beer Thing. Plus, you will be able to pay cash OR tokens for beers at the bar. Non-beers will be non-token, strictly speaking.

What if it rains? 

We'll be a bit sad but it doesn't really matter as the bars at Summer Beer Thing will be under cover in a giant marquee! You'll be protected from the elements under a large roof in the spacious oasis of Sadler's Yard. 

I’m hungry? 

Yes. You will find food vendors throughout Summer Beer Thing. Margot’s Pizza and Vaso Kitchen (Indian Street food) alongside a few more (to be announcned) will be serving up food from midday at every session. Food vendors will all take cash, not beer tokens. Some food vendors will accept card but it is advisable to come prepared with cash.

Can kids come? 

Children are welcome during the day accompanied by a guardian but no children after 7pm, please. Same goes for dogs. Not that kids and dogs are the same but the same rules apply.